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Congratulations, your thesis has been completed! But what now? If you read through your university’s submission rules and randomly select a few paragraphs from your thesis, you’ll probably realize that you still have a long way to go before your thesis is ready to be submitted for examination or printing.
There are several detailed formatting criteria, such as ensuring that special words and concepts are treated consistently throughout the article and that figures and statistical abbreviations are accurately prepared…the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, EssayWritingPals is here to help. Our highly reviewed service will take your rough draft of your thesis and deliver a copy that is complete.

has been fully formatted according to your university’s submission guidelines; perfectly conforms to the style guide (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.); has corrected typos and errors; has been rewritten to avoid passive voice, awkward phrasing, incongruous word choice, and to implement a formal, academic tone appropriate to your esteemed reader; is filled with helpful comments to help improve your writing ability, suggest re-organization options, and let you know

If your thesis has been accepted and you just need a final check before sending it to the printer for binding and publication, our proofreading service is perfect for you. This is a less expensive alternative that provides error correction.

Furthermore, you will be presented with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style as well as notes and comments to alert you to broader phrase or formatting errors that you may want to change.

Our service can save you weeks of fine-tuning and reviewing with your advisor and committee. When you come to EssayWritingPals for thesis editing, you can be confident that the final document will honor everything you’ve accomplished!

We will return two versions of your thesis: one marked copy with all edits and comments visible, and one revised copy with the corrections accepted but the comments erased. Please keep in mind that the amended copy may not be ready to send to your lecturer or Chair! Before submitting, you should evaluate and address any comments or suggestions offered by the editor. There may be new information to add to the reference list entries or gaps in the discussion that need to be revised.

Furthermore, EssayWritingPals will be available to help you even after the edit is finished! Your editor will respond to any questions you have, clarify editorial comments, and even evaluate small parts that you opted to modify based on his or her thoughts and input.

Above all, our strong ethical standards ensure that your academic integrity is preserved. The editors at EssayWritingPals do not add information or change the meaning of your essay (nor do we provide thesis writing, researching, or statistical analysis services). Our editors’ ideas and recommendations, on the other hand, will assist you in revising your thesis to make it the best it can be while staying within the guidelines of your school’s plagiarism and ethical standards policy.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) (Frequently asked questions)

My Chair/Mentor/Adviser informed me that he/she requires my final draft immediately! How long will editing take?

Whenever possible, we will meet your deadline. If you have a tight deadline, we may provide expedited service (for an additional fee). The chief editor will collaborate with you to set a timeline that is convenient for you while also allowing the editor to conduct a full and complete edit.

I’m already paying for tuition, books, and everything else! Is editing costly?

EssayWritingPals understands how expensive it is to be a student! Knowing this, the head editor will negotiate the best possible pricing for you. We also understand that having your dissertation proofread is critical to its acceptance, thus our editing services provide the best value for money. Because we discover writing, form, and style flaws early and dramatically minimize the time you would otherwise spend editing, the editors at EssayWritingPals will help your work progress faster through the acceptance process. Because your reviewers will be able to read solely for content, you and your committee will be able to concentrate on what is most important: your study!

What if I have questions about my prospectus, idea paper, proposal, or final dissertation report after the editor has returned it to me?

After the edit is finished, we welcome your questions! Your editor will continue to be available to answer your questions, clarify any remarks or recommendations, and even review specific portions that you may have amended in response to the edit.

My school/department requires the editor to fill out a form. Will you do so?

Without a doubt! Your editor or the chief editor (who is ultimately in charge of the job) will gladly fill out your form.

What if my dissertation gets rejected?

EssayWritingPals offers a full academic editing service as well as the ability to raise questions following the edit. We cannot guarantee that your Chair, Mentor, or Advisor will approve your dissertation; however, if any issues are discovered that are directly related to the edit, we will address them at no cost.

My school/department has very tight formatting guidelines. Will the editor assist me with formatting?

If you notify the EssayWritingPals chief editor of any specific issues or concerns you want addressed in the edit, we will include them in your assignment. We are highly familiar with various university and college criteria and can ensure that your paper, including formatting, fits their requirements. If your school’s dissertation rules aren’t currently available, the editor will gladly study and follow any guidelines you give.

I need to add a few references, but I’m in a rush. I can provide the websites; all you need to do is look them up and upload them. Is this part of your editing service?

When it comes to academic papers of any kind, EssayWritingPals has a strict guideline. We will not conduct research, write, add to, or change your content, or analyze data. Students’ work, we feel, should be their own. If you have missing references, your editor will let you know what information is missing so you can search it up and add it.

Can I speak with a live person?

Absolutely! The head editor can be reached by phone or through the message option on the job page you establish. Your editor will only be accessible via the message feature, but will respond to your messages as soon as possible. Furthermore, the primary editor remains in the background throughout the entire process, from your initial contact with EssayWritingPals until the completion of the job—and even after, if you require additional editing.

Your dissertation is deserving of recognition! The expert editors at EssayWritingPals will free you of the burden of revising and refining your work. Come a free quote today and get one step closer to finishing your degree!

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